Metallic Yield Damper


What is a metallic yield damper?

Metallic yield damper(short for MYD), also called as the metallic yielding energy dissipation device, as a well-known passive energy dissipation device, provides a new way to resist the imposed loads to structural. The structural response can be reduced when subjected to wind and earthquake by mounting metallic yield damper into the buildings, thereby reduces energy-dissipating demand on primary structural members and minimizes possible structural damage. its effectiveness and low cost are now well recognized and extensively tested in the past in civil engineering. The MYDs are mainly made of some special metal or alloy material and is easy to be yielded and have good performance of energy dissipation when it services in the structure which suffered by seismic events. The metallic yield damper is one kind of displacement-correlated and passive energy dissipation damper.


How does a metallic yield damper work?

The Metallic Yield Damper’s working theory relies on the principle that the metallic device deforms plastically, thus dissipating vibratory energy and reduce the damage to the primary structural. The metallic yield damper’s main functional part is  made of some special metal or alloy material. The inelastic deformation of metallic is an effective mechanism for input earthquake energy dissipation. In addition, metallic is also a popular and inexpensive choice for an energy dissipation device because of its relatively high elastic stiffness, good ductility and high potential for dissipating energy in the post-yield region. When the structural suffered by the seismic events, the metallic yield dampers are very easy to be yielded and dissipate the energy of seismic events sufficiently. And also with its high elastic stiffness,  it can prevent the primary structural being damaged by the seismic events sufficiently.


The working theory of the MYD

Where a metallic yield damper applicable for?

The metallic yield damper as one of new product of vibration control and energy dissipation devices for structural engineering using, has been widely applied in construction engineering in recent years. The application of the metallic yield dampers has proven that the using of MYDs improved the structural’s anti-seismic ability and reduced the cost of construction compared with traditional design of structure.

The application fields are as followed.

The new build RC/SRC steel structural construction engineering.

Anti-seismic reinforcement engineering.

Civil buildings, Commercial public buildings, Industrial factory buildings, Lifeline engineering.


The application of MYD in school’s teaching building