Our Service

Full set solution of damping & energy dissipation provider

We are a professional energy dissipation and damping solution provider in China. Our service includes consultancy before sale, damping solution design with customer’s drawing, design and selection of damping products based on damping solution, self testing and third party testing of damping products, providing damping products with the installation drawing, guidance  of damping products’ installation, maintaining and other after sale service.  Which will help to solve all the problems from customers.

Technical Support:

We are specialized in developing new technology and the application of damping products for more than 20 years, much early since our company established. We have two independent teams in researching & developing. One team is focusing in the application of the new damping technology in engineering projects and design the damping solutions for customers. And the other team is focusing in developing the new products with the feedback of market and experiment result.

Testing Support of Products

Factory Inspection

We will make full tests for all the products before they sold out. Our main testing facilities include one set of 3530KN dynamic load testing facility, a static testing facility for damper, a dynamic testing facility for damper, a testing facility for spring hangers and a testing facility for spring. Which will help to cover all the tests for different damping products. It’s our duty to pay responsibility for the safety and performance of our products. And also our promise to our customers. The testing details as followed.

Testing Details

Name of damping products

Testing Projects

Hydraulic Snubber

1, Peak value test of low velocity under pulling    & compression; 2, travelling resistance test of low velocity under    pulling & compression; 3, Lock up velocity test under pulling &    compression; 4, Locked velocity test under pulling & compression; 5,    Locked loading test under pulling & compression

Fluid Viscous Damper

1, Ultimate displacement test; 2, Regularity test;    3, Max damping force test; 4, Frequency pertinence test; 5, Fatigue    performance test; 6,  Friction test    under low velocity

Tuned Mass Damper

1, Natural Frequency of vibration and mode of    vibration test;
     2, Damping performance test;
     3, Reaction test of people’s loading

Metallic Yield Damper

1, Yield force test; 2, Yield displacement test;
     3, ultimate deformation test

Buckling Restrained Brace

1, Strain Measurement
     2, Displacement Measurement


The 3530KN dynamic load testing facility

A damper is under testing

Third parties’ inspection

To insure the objectivity of the inspection, we will also entrust the third parties for  inspection by customers’ request. And we have build a long term cooperation with Domestic and International inspection organizations, such as SGS, TUV and so on.



Our products testing in Taiwan’s National center for research on earthquake engineering